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Science Park Skövde offers two software specializations for startups: Computer Games and IT/Tech. Since it's inception, Science Park Skövde Startup has helped over 200 companies develop their business concept. Do you want to be one of them?

Computer Games

We give you and your team the skills needed to run a game studio and launch your first products in a global market.


Our goal is to give you the best possible conditions for you to develop your product and your new company in areas such as industrial technology, software and information and communication technology.

Are you based in Sweden?

Science Park Skövde only works with startups based in Sweden.

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Some questions about your project

Science Park Skövde Startup is tax-funded, which means that we get to work with ideas that meet certain criteria. We therefore ask you to answer several questions that form the basis of your application.

Are you applying with an already registered company?
Is your plan to start a registered company?
Is the company less than five years old?
Is the company privatley owned?
Dividend since company start?
Applicant has founded/will found the company?
Owner has recieved over 400 000 EUR in state aid the last three years?
Are you willing to learn and contribute to SDG2030
Read: What is SDG2030?
Do you have the development skills to build and verify an MVP/prototype (minimum viable product) of your idea?
Read: What does this mean?
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Applicant details

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Application summary

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Project / Company

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Time estimate until first release/product: {{ incubatorApplication.applicationTimeEstimate }}

Is the company registered? YesNo


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Describe your idea:

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Unique selling point and advantage:

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Describe the target audience:

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Marketing and sales plan:

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What are your needs from the incubator:

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Is the company less than five years old: YesNo

Is the company privatley owned: YesNo

Dividend since company start: YesNo

Is your plan to start a registered company (AB/RF/EN): YesNo

Applicant has founded/will found the company: YesNo

Owner has recieved over 400 000 EUR in state aid the last three years: YesNo

Do you have the development skills to build and verify an MVP/prototype: YesNo

Are you willing to learn and contribute to SDG 2030: YesNo


I understand that The Game Incubator Science Park Skövdes Startup-program is a program focusing on business development. If my application is approved and I am accepted into the program I understand that it will require commitment and endurance from me/my team to be entitled to a seat in the program. I am aware of that participation in the program comes with a cost*. By clicking the Send application button I confirm the above and that I have read and accept Science Park Skövdes privacy policy.
Read: What are our charges *

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We will now review the application and get back to you by e-mail. You may now close this window.

We're sorry

At the moment you're not eligible for applying to the startup program

To be entitled to apply to our program you must be able to start and register your company in Sweden. That is due to our funding and business model.

We are funded by the Swedish government and our purpose is to grow the Swedish industry. International teams are welcome to apply if they are able to meet this criteria. Non-Swedish citizens needs a Residence permit to start a company in Sweden.

Please note that we do not assist you with acquiring a resident permit nor do we provide any relocation package. Not because we don't want to. We simply don't have the resources, time or expertise to do so.

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